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Land Surveying Services

(Residential & Commercial)

Builder Services

Plot Plans – Drawings that show proposed house or building footprints situated on a lot, typically based on record data (without requiring a  field survey).

Site Plans – Drawings that typically require field surveys to show property boundary & existing conditions. Site plans are prepared per the requirements of the reviewing agency.

House & Building Stakeout – Field stakeout of the proposed building location per the approved plot plan, site plan, etc.

Construction Stakeout – Various construction stakeout services are offered, ranging from small parking lot layout to complete site and utility layout.

Benchmarks – Elevation benchmarks are set per published datum, or by elevations relative to the site as needed for the project.

Foundation Surveys – Location surveys of the as-built foundation location, as required by lenders, local agencies, etc.

Survey Types

Property Surveys (“Lot”,” Boundary” or “Closing” surveys) –  Typically, the survey is reestablishment of the property lines described by the record deed, and includes locating or reestablishing corner markers as needed. Some surveys require extensive research and additional fieldwork to reestablish the property lines if the record information is vague, incorrect (or inconsistent), or simply impossible to read.

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys – See:  2011 ALTA / ACSM Survey Standards (Word doc Download)

Topographic / Existing Conditions Surveys – Field surveys that range from contour maps to locations of all existing conditions and features**. (**These can include tree species, sizes and locations if necessary for the project)

Planning & Engineering Surveys – Similar to existing conditions surveys, the scope is defined by the project needs.

As-Built Surveys – Location surveys of new utility installations to post-construction surveys that include all significant improvements.

Wetland Flag Location Surveys – Field location of wetland delineation flags (preliminary & final) for planning and mapping purposes.

Plats / Maps

Subdivision Plats – Plats prepared for major / minor land subdivisions.

Recombination Plats – Plats prepared for joining existing parcels, or recombining into new configurations.

Easement Plats – Plats prepared to create new easements (or to change /modify existing easements).

Topographic / Existing Conditions Maps –  Maps that show existing contours, existing conditions, etc.

Plan and Profiles – Cross section profiles of slopes, roadways, utility piping, etc.

Wetland Maps –  Maps prepared to document wetland delineations** for Corps of Engineers review. (**delineations are performed by other companies)

Miscellaneous Services

Property Descriptions / Legal Descriptions –  Written property definition descriptions for easements, deed descriptions, municipal documents, planning purposes, etc.

GPS Services (RTK & Static) – GPS surveys range from basic survey control to complete location surveys in remote areas.

Aerial Photography / Photogrammetry Control Surveys – Control “Panels” or markers set for the aerial mapping company. Coordinates are established relative to the required horizontal and vertical datum.

Fence Layout – Fence Layout ranges from property line marking, to detailed layout… depending on the contractor’s needs.

Sports Field Markings Layout – Various sports field markings can be laid out more accurately with survey equipment than typical tape measuring and pacing. These can be permanently marked for future re-markings.

GIS Data Collection –  Field location data for various infrastructures, systems, etc. for GIS mapping.

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